All I Can Do, a poem by Kate Figurska at
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All I Can Do

All I Can Do

written by: Kate Figurska



Wrongly coloured crocus petal I will draw,
In my silly mind I have studied law,
I might write a poem using only words,
Or even play most common ukulele chords,
I will crochet a stitch or two.
That’s about all I can do.

An eye in the darkness I’ll sketch with black chalk,
My most advanced dance move is basically a walk,
With two almost clear notes I’ll sing a lullaby,
I’ll select the strangest colours for my hair to dye.
Beyond any doubt I’ll try to stay true,
That’s about all I know how to do.

Like a maniac for hours, I might never get bored,
Searching for the beauty all around this world,
With no fear of falling, I’ll jump to the sky,
And I’ll search endlessly for new things to try,
But the best of all the things I can do,
Is finding my happiness right next to you.

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