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Don’t Say Anything

Don’t Say Anything

written by: thePoeticpiper



She got the strawberry love that blossom
Like a rose that enjoys the company of many
In a faithful act, and a grip of her heart, she would whisper “I love you”
Knowingly needing it today, to massage the pain for a better tomorrow
She has been crushed, every night after work, a place where she forfeits herself
A place where a sacred gesture is turned into a sinful act
Feeling the loneliness as her heart would cease to shine
Falling back into a shallow world where her heart began with no melody
At her place, a river of tears on her pillow
A drug for her night-cap as she died in the silent night

Tomorrow had risen with an unexpected tape
Being numb in bed, she shut her eyes, opened her ears and carefully let her heart listen

“Wake up, do know that I am talking to you by my most ordinary emotions
Without a sin, I have been stalking you through time
Serving you as a stranger, greeting you as a friend
For days I have seen how broken you are and I would find myself staring at a wall
The wall that, in its precious time I would mime about
And note that I would want to see my heart in you, find myself in you, without sin
I would want to put my dancing shoes and be with you in my arms
Just a faithful dance with a stranger, opening up your arms for me
Through the night, a silent night full of light
A spot bright for the two of us, will you dance with me?
Having mini-festive moment continuously reloading the motion
Would you smile, would smile for me?
A faithful smile for a stranger, cause I have been smiling for you as you walk on by
Tomorrow might be far away, but the distance is so close
So take the walk with me, make an expectation to live on
For to travel is a journey and to live is an adventure
Would you stand, would you stand by me?
Just for a second, a minute is a lifetime
Never looking back, looking forward towards the horizon
Experience a path you always fantasised about
Not standing alone, but with care and love in your arms
Would you hold, would you hold my hand?
For I want to feel what you’re feeling, an emotion worth living
Not the suffering you fall into for it is not a virtue, but the happiness you fell for
And if you’re ever alone, walk over to your window, as I do go to my own
Look up the night sky, for I promise, you would feel certain that loneliness is a lie”

Charmed by the words, she followed on, walked to her window
Glanced down, a stranger in an act of Lloyd Dobler holding up a boom-box
Touched, she felt the feeling that, even an admirer, makes loneliness look like a lie
Standing on the porch, looked at him with a smile as her emotions could not come out
Without any rule, as he did, she surrendered herself, an act of a beautiful trust
And even if it were not to last, she let herself journey, live to cease and own the moment

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