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My Mother! My Heroine!

My mother! My heroine!

written by: agapeinnovation



When you got married, you changed mansion
When I was a zygote, you changed passion
All because of me, you changed fashion
My mother! my heroine!

During prenatal care, your energy you shared
You were told to push hard on that bed
Tears of pangs and pains you shed
My mother! My heroine!

There were times I caused menace
Tho, everyone knows a child needs high maintenance
Despite all this, you still strike a life balance
My mother! My heroine

The thought of your works, I can’t bear
If God has my life to spare
I will reward your care
My mother! My heroine!


I really love my mother, but she died when I was 14. Her passing caused me great pain and mental anguish.

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