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Peeling Paint

written by: Rachel Tremblay



The fading flower
The peeling paint off the brick façade
The wrinkles in the corner of my eyes
The rotting balcony steps
The slanting of the fence
The gravity pull on my once milk-filled breasts
The impatient sighs
The so-called white lies
The little things that pile up so large
The accumulation of years
The accumulation of tears
The disappearance of romantic spark
The disintegration of life
The beauty that dies
It's only fair, only part of the ride

and it pains me to say
if i could but depart...
but i vowed to deteriorate by your side

Rachel Tremblay

Rachel Tremblay

Rachel Tremblay is a Canadian artist, musician and writer. A homeschooling mother, vegan and straight-edge, she lives against the grain as a spiritual warrior who believes in the innate goodness of the human heart. You can find her in her native Montreal or in the Laurentian woods walking her dogs or making art in some form or other.
Rachel Tremblay

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