POETRY MY PASSION by David Chukwud Njoku at Spillwords.com



written by: David Chukwud Njoku


Poetry is my ignition,
she’s the reason of my congratulation,
a passion for my destination,
a glowing fragrance for my possession.

Poetry is the mind of greatness,
she wields power of graciousness,
the reason for my poetic expression,
a beauty of hope
and passion to succeed.

Poetry awakens my opulence,
she ignites a depth of radiance,
speaking posterity of reality,
empowering humanity’s creativity.

Poetry is beautiful,
she mends the world,
enlightens the hopeful,
bringing nations together for a better world.

Poetry is my passion,
a creative witness for change,
ever willing to give a page,
such page for a glorious mission.

Poetry is the ignition
that harmonizes tomorrow’s future today.


2018 David Chukwudi Njoku

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