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written by: Dr. MOLLY JOSEPH


Closed buds we were,  cocooned,
wading through the silence of the night
Our sorrows lay frozen
lulled by prayers soothing
we wake up energised
to find your radiance on high
the lone bird flutters high,
a soul in total abandon...
we open up our splendour
and colours myriad
for the world, to cheer the moment
of a dawn at doorstep
basking in thy heavenly grace...

Dr Molly Joseph

Dr Molly Joseph

Dr. Molly Joseph had her specialization in Post War American Poetry (that of William Carlos Williams). She retired as HOD, Dept. of English, St.Xavier's College, Aluva, Kerala and now works as Professor Communicative English FISAT, Kerala. She has published five books of poems: Aching Melodies, Patridge Publications (2013); Autumn Leaves, Authors Press (2015); December Dews, Authors Press (2017); Myna's Musings, Authors Press (2017); Firefly Flickers (2018); and a novel: Hidumbi (2018).
Dr Molly Joseph

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