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Salsa Night

Salsa Night

written by: Karem Barratt



Step by step,

Little by little,

A small hip shake,

Half smile, entwining fingers

Toes, towers of power

As they guide, back and front,

To the side, my waist

The compass to your bod,

Your torso teasing mine,

My heart echoing yours as we twirl,

touch, move back, your hand,

at my lower back, the mast

to the sails of my thighs, wiggling to

the music around us, our eyes,

playing, flirting, pretending

is just a dance and there is

no wormhole of pure

energy oscillating between our profiles,

the time-warp turning our bodies into Ss and Rs,

Serpents up and down a rod, Caribbean

Breeze and wind becoming hurricane,

And you know and I know,

That little by little, bit by bit,

We become explorers

Of the landscapes that make us, us,

You and I, gorges and valleys, mounds

And plains, jungles and forests. Caves.

A whole new planet forged from your

Earthquakes and my floods. Or

Is it the other way around? Round

And round, the sand, the sky, the sea,

The drum inside our weathered shells,

Some ancestral song pushing blood

And sweat and kisses, erecting

Hills, orchestrating moans, calling

Down the moon, the stars, the sun.

You and I, one step to the back, one to the front,

Shimer, swirl, embrace, turn, confront,

Surrender, two, one, none, any,

Stump, stamp, swish, swag,

Step to the front, step to the back,

Super nova, big bang,

The first molecule, expanding universe.

Little by little.

Step to the front, to the back,

Two to the left, two to the right.

Slowly we start and then

We call the wild, Bacchus, Bacchae,

Initiations form time immemorial,

Woman, man, Tarzan, Jane,

You, I, beach, sea, sunset.

Eyes crossed, crossed legs,

Spaced pumped out between

Us. Einstein and relativity.

One step to the front, one step to the back.

Flesh melting, breath deepening, breaking,

Summoning angels and demons

From the inners of our bones,

Ready to merge and explode and float

Into the nothingness of a lasting note

That goes on and on, the wild tamed,

The gods serviced, the slumber settling in,

Little by little, a nook, an arm, a back

Moulding to a chest and the night,

Pregnant with cicada songs and the murmurs

Of waves. Tomorrow will be what it will be.

Tonight is the faint echo of trumpets and

Bongos, the party far behind, the sand,

You and I, your hand cupped in mine.

And nothing else matters.

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