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And Thus, The Tear Dances

And Thus, the Tear Dances

written by: Karem Barratt



The tear is the showgirl of chaos,

Swirling to the right, to the left,

Skipping the nose, at times,

To end on the other side of the face.

And thus, the tear dances

Over pain. She tangoes with

Frustration, foxtrots with love.

She waltzes and belly-dances over

The ice of my indignation

And the lava of my disgust.

Velvety liquid she can be,

A damsel of bittersweet taste,

Who’s also flood, who’s also rage,

All destruction, even death,

Erasing any reasoning,

Any relation between time and space,

Because when the tear hates,

There’s only blindness and deafness.

A convoluted void, a formless form

Forming into the crystal gliding

Down my face unto to floor,

Doing what the tear does best:

Cleansing out life’s dirt.

Karem Barratt

Karem Barratt

Born in Venezuela, now living in England. Interfaith Minister, Coach and writer. Living happily with Hubby, Daughter, Dog and Guinea-Pig. Finds inspiration in music, nature, dreams and the everyday. No specific subject, but whatever the muse drops on her lap. Can be very dark at times but in her good moments she's very "kawai", which according to her 12-year-old is a mix of giddy, colourful, cheesy and camp.
Karem Barratt

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