Raconteur on Deck, poem by Gerry Stefanson at Spillwords.com
Kumiko Hawkes - Shizen Photography (Gabriola Island)

Raconteur on Deck


 Raconteur on Deck

written by: Gerry Stefanson



midnight watch
passable railing of fodder or spinner
for mystic tales of the sea.

moodless night or gale blow
time for shapes
form in the rigging,

imagination driven
by the bonus tankard,
now guides the pilot’s hand.
stories intertwined fiction, fact in tow.

officers, crew, passengers
and stowaways
asleep below.
never hear a Kraken cry,
Sirens serenade, Mermaids sigh.
wrath of Aegir, Poseidon’s domain.
fiction contradiction inhibition
lead to salty tradition.
better the tale and shanties remain,
spun on starless passages
by over cast minds.

portraits to paint on waters
smooth as flattened sea
violence as a broadside blast
rumble, toil future and past.



Passages series photography by Kumiko Hawkes – Shizen Photography

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