Sails Alone in Poor Company, poetry by Gerry Stefanson at
Kumiko Hawkes - Shizen Photography (Gabriola Island)

Sails Alone in Poor Company


Sails Alone in Poor Company

written by: Gerry Stefanson



Possible to travel in numbers
Possible to do it alone
Possible to do both.

Over centuries folk turn to sea,
of their own accord.
Over the centuries folk be pressed,
ordered enslaved to sea
by will of others.
Over centuries on the sea, would always be
even as they stood dry land, their way.

Shadows that we live in and under,
survive even thrive under sail.
Shadows fill hearts and heads,
remain port to port.
Shadows stay, know no geography, no future
know only



Passages series photography by Kumiko Hawkes – Shizen Photography

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