I Am Writer, poetry by Alycia Schneedle at Spilwords.com

I Am Writer

I Am Writer

written by: Alycia Schneedle



I am writer.
Hear me roar.
This blank page- the battleground,
This pen is my sword.
The doubts and fears are villains I slay.
With each stroke of my weapon, they are wasted away.
I am writer.
This book is my shield.
This empty screen is a desolate field,
Upon which I scream out all of my truths, to inspire the minds of a world full of youths.
I am writer,
like it or not, and I will fight this war the way I was taught.
With strength and speed and grace and grit, and when the battle is won, I still won’t quit.
I am writer.
Hear me cry. My words live on long after I die.
And once I am gone, without a trace, a new warrior rises to take my place.
I am writer.
We are one. Our job is one that’s never done;
for we were called to fight a war.
I am writer.
Hear. Me. Roar.

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