Soft Death With Resurrection and Reflection at

Soft Death With Resurrection and Reflection

Soft Death With Resurrection and Reflection

written by: Michael Shea



Those leaps of faith at tipping point when knife edged entry gives way to a muted glide
Where blue on blue is both above below me and bobbled colours as my guide
White bubble hiss as each end I tumble, past face and fly from nasal cavities they slide
Go so long my intestinal fortitude is a rumble empty deep inside, and yet I slide and glide
Gravity free and yet still held faith in floating bottom bound lest the best I tried
Then time is done and ladder bound I erupted moist born feet to ground with towel, I dried.

Prior to concrete stage a development of games we play in seeking where I hide
Behind the block that holds aloft huge striped shade upon a pole we lock and slide
Tis by the edge beside the chairs where nana sat and often quiet she cried
Near the edge of concreted lip where blissful cool blue fun reside
I dipped within without my seeing feet that tripped I muted bubble hissed and died

Whales sounding hefty entry surge to eyes that gaze gently as I roughly up and ride
Sounding now with noise a plenty dumped and soggy chesty pressure kisses are applied
I foggy see and realise this silver cord is followed halting the journey set to rise
I climb the vine Jack left for me a eject blue come into me not time for my demise
The splutters and the teary yelps the understanding lesson helps I learn to be a lot more wise

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