Purple Shines Bright, a poem written by Chloe Gilholy at Spillwords.com

Purple Shines Bright

Purple Shines Bright

written by: Chloe Gilholy



Myself and the world wish you
the greatest birthday you ever had,
and even greater ones to come.

Thank you for the smiles, and for
giving light to the new generation
when the future seems bleak.

Thank you for your voice, the music
the kindness, and the hard work,
and all the love you give to your fans.

You’ve fixed black and broken hearts
We now have purple hearts in this tribe
And purple shines bright.

This tribe that we call a fandom, we may be
divided by oceans and languages, but we united
by a passion for music that you bring to life.

May you shine brightly in this life,
and the next one, wherever it may
take you… it’s bound to be great.

Chloe Gilholy

Chloe Gilholy

Chloe Gilholy is a healthcare worker from Oxfordshire. She has 10 books published and hundreds of poems, short stories and reviews on the web. Her most recent novel is the dystopian sci-fi, Game of Mass Destruction.
Chloe Gilholy

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