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First Date

written by: Catherine McCabe


Excitement holds me
neatly folded in tentacles of bliss
and until the day we get to meet -
this little seed lies
aplomb with big red lips
that grew
when all the stars aligned.

But then events unfold
as interlopers often do
and my lover becomes the man who disappeared.

Frustrated, I must begin to search again -
back I go to searching
for a vessel with stomach deep enough
to hold all the disappointments
and the futures I imagined -
futures that were never mine
until I tried to let them go.

Catherine McCabe

Catherine McCabe

Catherine McCabe is a Belfast-based Ghostwriter, Poet and Blogger.
She has had her work published in Belfast literary magazine “A New Ulster” (2018). In 2016 she co-created spy memoir “The Black Market Concierge”.
The poems in North of Melancholia deal with the themes of personal development, women, mental health, domestic violence, war, love and nature.
Catherine McCabe

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