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The Oracle & The Alchemist

written by: Ryver Stixx


Up sapphire steps she ascended
Touched with Medusa's grace
A heart of stone and eyes wide shut
Made slower by the race
If you intended a specific truth
That stone was stone and no more
The sage would note you could transmute
Stone into flesh like none other

Nothing comes from nothing so
An ancient adage from times long past
You must make gold that which already is
Into infinity which unto forever will last
The heart of stone will slowly melt
Regardless of others I'll wishing
So never you mind their silly tales
Tempting you assuredly from your seeking

Ryver Stixx

Ryver Stixx

Ryver is the pseudonym for Sammy J Walker, she hails from Sydney, Nova Scotia. A long time writer, poet, and subjective alchemist, she has spent her time fine tuning her art. Always learning and growing, she is ready to emerge from the cave and have her work meet the gaze of the many.
Ryver Stixx

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