War Of The Crows written by TM Arko at Spillwords.com

War Of The Crows

War of the Crows

written by: TM Arko


It started with one slice of bread
One crow
On the rooftop feasting
Then a second crow
A feathered beggar
Waits for a sharing
A third crow with
A glassy black eyeball
Inimically staring
Two more
Squawk with malcontent
Followed by a squabbling crowd
Swooping down from
Branches bent
Swishes and flutters
Cackles and caws
Breast feathers bloodied
By the barbarous claws
Where once there was one
There were one hundred and four
Flapping and killing
Most not knowing
What for
When the battle ended
There was no sign of bread slice
It had fallen to the ground
And been eaten
By mice
Battles and wars are curious things
It seems
Over one slice of bread
We sacrifice the future
And destroy all our dreams

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