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written by: Ishita Srivastava


When the dirt is rubbed against your skin, and the world is feeding you pins.
When the heart is out of hopes and the mind is a chaotic mess.
When the eyes begin to bleed,
When life is all about creaks.

When my wardrobe was full of concealers and creams,
Only my mirror heard my screams.
I was clueless about where it occurred,
They weren’t any less puckered.

When my Pinterest kept saving me from drowning,
They found flaws in my frowning.
I discovered another mantra,
Something close to destroying my ghosts.

As I enter the cocoon woven by the society,
I tend to think more, feel more and eat less.
But they don’t know how blessed I was,
For, I was a painted canvas.

I didn’t know if I had to confide in those scars or to seep out of them,
But to be in them did take away every cell of mine,
ripping my pieces away like blowing away feathers,
too easy yet writhing blood from veins.

Maybe in the parallel world,
someone must’ve broken their heart,
and the scars pretend to be a sledgehammer,
to break everything in its path,
for, it itself is broken.
Maybe it’s just a game of pretension,
a world of pretension
or maybe it’s just the destiny displaying its tricks
and its capability of how many souls it can break.

The scars narrate a story of success,
a long long time ago when you were in distress,
it was only you had to clear your mess.

As the years pass,
the color becomes much brighter unlike those which fade away.
Besides, it gets darker by hour and by second.
It’s the color of strength, courage, and achievement.

But, I wasn’t the one to fade away, to drown in those screams.
I was blessed, for I had my own pallet and I painted my own canvas
trying to blend into one another as if waves do in the river.



This Poem is about Body Shaming and how every person gets “Body-Shamed” even about small things like a mole, complexion, fat/thin, tall/short but the greatest beauty resides in the mind and the soul and that certain someone’s ability to conquer the world. The beauty will fade away from the beautiful but the talents are what we’re known for, for lifetimes.

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