Shadows Hold Me Tighter written by Gina at

Shadows Hold Me Tighter

shadows hold me tighter

written by: Gina


I told him my sadness would scare him away
But he refused to listen and stayed in my gloom
And was inspired by my tears and trembles
Of long lonely nights and forgotten feelings
I became an enigma to him but I was not real

I stayed in the shadows because they, the shadows
Hold you closer than you ever need to be held
And they never lie or persuade you
Like the whispering wind can do
To be anything you don’t want to do

He split the dent in my tin foil soul
and in my weakness I allowed light
Enter and warm me and be gentle
But the shadows they knew me better than he
And called me back to safety and security

And I wrap my arms around the shadows
Who accept my sadness unconditionally
And when he cannot bear the sadness anymore
And shakes his head and goes
Then they, the shadows they, will always love me just so

Gina Gallyot

Gina Gallyot

I live on the equator but long for snow. I write because I want to be heard above the chaos of my life.
Gina Gallyot

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