So Many Fish In The Sea by Michael Shea at

So Many Fish In The Sea

So Many Fish In The Sea

written by: Michael Shea



Ok lines which rhyme are a thing of the time,
meter don’t matter as long as sensible patter;
makes a sound that’s sublime and it’s a rhyme.
Ne’er the curse to make prose of a verse,
banter the chatter nestled ears with a clatter;
and lines that are easy to rehearse.
Repetitive noises and repeated endings are to the eloquence
of wordsmith’s demonstrative of tardy offending’s,
no matter the point or the aim of the relevance, I’m getting tense.
I take offence, sitting here in judgement of those on the fence;
there’s no defence for a lack of pertinent reference and this
hypocritical homage is immense.
Lea, lie in safe harbour; out of sight out of mind and if we don’t say it
will reality unwind? Unkind, not me!
Ah the serendipity, cast stones forged in the furnace of spoken turbulence,
for poetry should be the graffiti of an articulate society, that’s me.

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