Sole Elettrico, a haiku by Anne Marie Bears at

Sol Elettrico

Sole Elettrico

written by: Anne Marie Bears


Sole elettrico

con i sprazzi di scosse:

piena Estate fu.

Anne Marie Bears

Anne Marie Bears

Heterozygous twin, she was born under the Pisces sign in Rome on 22 February 2000. Her name in reality is Sara, and her surname Orsetti. But given her passion for Languages she decided to call herself that, even cause she likes the sound much more (Anna & Maria are her other two names). Despite having obtained a Hotel Diploma in Tourism Sector, she has always been good at writing and believes she has always had a passion for the same and for poetry inside. Self-taught, she began to write poems by need of her heart in love. From that moment on she never stopped. To date, she's present in various Magazines/Anthologies/Poetic Agendas (also online) including Inno Alla Morte & Inno All'Infinito by Bertoni Editore; always for the same, she obtained a special mention at the "Fiabando 2021" Competition, and came third place - Haiku Section - at the "Poesia Trasimeno 2022" Competition. Lastly, on 28 February 2022 her first book of poems entitled Funghi in Rima was released with the wonderful illustrations of her sister Giulia, published again by Bertoni Editore.
Anne Marie Bears

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