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Spiritual Love

Spiritual Love

written by: Haroon Rashid



You came, we met
Closeness is what I felt
We took steps as it dealt
Hearts started to melt

I don’t know really we’ll be hubby & wife
But without you, it seems an incomplete life
With you, I feel the breeze & autumn
Now I feel you are the sun of my solar system
Without you neither rotation nor revolution
In your belongingness, I feel my evolution

No more rain is in our existence
I will not put up any resistance
We touched each other’s soul
Though how different we stand in our goal
Between us is a spiritual connection
that replaced sadness with fun
Separate we are unique together we are one
With you my words glow in sentence
There ain’t any flow in your absence

We are meant for lifelong, happiness each night and day
Together we stand strong in our praises
We will make each other special in every way
Just laughter all the time our hope raises

When you smile, you just don’t smile
My world smiles..
the distance won’t mean much
Our feelings and thoughts will cross many a mile
The connection is our loving touch

With all my love ‘O love’ I’m expressing
In whatever paths you may choose to walk on
All I want for you is an infinite blessing
In the days to come, and the days that have gone
So that in life you keep progressing.

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