Stonewalled, a poem by Bev Muendel-Atherstone at
Naomi McKinney



written by: Bev Muendel-Atherstone


And just when we thought pandemic chaos could go no further,
Rows of semi-trucks amassed along Canadian borders;
Blocking essential goods from traveling to and fro;
Threatening perishable loads: meat, fruit and vegetables.

Sparked by growing anger over mandates
To show vaccination passports at our country’s gates,
Slow rolling freedom convoys feature complaints,
Clogging highways with no thought of restraint.

Gargantuan 18 wheelers won’t be moved.
It’s just not happening these drivers proved
By blocking choke points other long haulers need
For their livelihood; so they can’t proceed.

Tow truck drivers refused to touch this blockade,
Fearful they’d never live down the part they’d played.
If they helped the cops, opponents would close ranks
And kill their businesses! So Sorry! No thanks!

Big Rigs dwarf police cruisers so small.
Parked side by side, impenetrable all;
Completely self-sufficient, with no shortfall,
Living in their cabs they can forever stonewall.

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