Trivial Things, a poem by Bev Muendel-Atherstone at
Manfred Richter

Trivial Things

Trivial Things

written by: Bev Muendel-Atherstone


The bar is filled with laughter
It’s not what someone said,
But rather how they said it,
With mirth we shake our heads

Our happiness is golden.
It lights the room around.
Our hearts are filled with joy,
As friends and chat abound.

While the room still sparkles,
A figure marches in;
Our happy mood just crumbles,
To silence, gone our grins.

We recognize this shadow;
Our nemesis steps forth.
We blame him for our trouble.
He’s quite a grumpy sort.

We know we want to shun him,
Or at least say something mean,
But he speaks first and tells us,
“Things aren’t the way they seem.

I’ve always been quite jealous,
Of your loud and happy ways.
I struck back at you because,
I thought you laughed at me always.”

We ask him to sit down with us,
And order him a beer;
We share with him our humour,
And soon he sheds his fear.

We realize with reflection,
That his crabby attitude.
Reflected our rejection,
More than his ineptitude.

So now we sit together,
And laugh at trivial things,
Thankful for his presence,
And all the joy it brings.

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