Be Proud, a haiku by Robyn MacKinnon at

Be Proud

written by: Robyn MacKinnon



for Rocky Horror

burgers, beer, and a drag show

Wear that crown, be proud!



Illustration description: A spooky red background, shaded with black pigment from the top of the image. The words of the haiku are pieced together with words and letters cut from a piece of literature obtained at Neptune Theatre’s current production of Rocky Horror. This piece of material also provided the face of Frank N Furter in the lower right corner, an image of a castle crowning him, and even the glasses of beer to the left. The cut-out chicken burger just left of center is the only piece of decoupage not obtained from The Rocky Horror production (this is from a piece of KFC coupon mail). The image of Frank N Furter is actually a very nice artist rendition, in which he gazes at the viewer with dreamy eyes, red lipstick to mouth open, and pinky finger resting on the left hand corner of his mouth (his right).

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