The Wonders of the Strzelecki Track, poetry by Mark A.S. at
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The Wonders of the Strzelecki Track

The Wonders of the Strzelecki Track

written by: Mark A.S.



Where else in the world can one find such as thee
Miles and miles of changing landscape, whispering sands to the lonely Gray’s tree
Strzelecki Track passes two hundred and ninety-three mile
A track that’s brought tears, struggles, taught endurance and made weeping men smile
The heat of the day can be exhausting, and the flies can drive one mad
The Sun rises early on the Strzelecki Track, caressing the land with all it has
The vast open skies reflecting colours, soft kisses across the vast sandy lands
Transporting a myriad of shades scattering across the ancient sands
The night skies exhilarating, an extravaganza of stars capture the soul
From Innamincka to Lyndhurst secrets from the past call for one and all
The Strzelecki Desert can make or break a man who dares to sleep in its bed
It can be a land of wonderful opportunity, yet it can also be a land of pain and death
The murmurings heard amongst the breeze of a solitary stockman of past
For 153 years their whispers call, thousands of millennia prior, Aboriginal footsteps in the dust
One could easily be forgiven for thinking the track is barren and without life
Yet many hearts beat along the Strzelecki Track, many souls call it home, living without strife
A multitude of birds and critters thrive amongst the sometimes-arid plains
Ah, the Strzelecki Track is a place of wonder, of awe, of spirits wild and untamed.

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