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written by: Lawson Kwame Lugu



Forever established in my head,
You’ve left a hole in my heart,
That no one can ever seal.
I can never escape the past,
Am forever incarcerated in guilt.

It’s been two years now,
I wish i could have done more,
I wish i could go back and tell you that your failure is my failure,
That you will bounce back.
I can’t close my eyes at night,
I wonder why i left you all alone in tears.
I thought you were joking when you told me you where fed up,
Such a young beautiful soul left so early.

The sorrow mixed with loneliness has me drunk in my own tears,
What’s a friend when he is not there to take the pain with you,
What is a best friend when he is not there when you need him the most,
Maybe i could have done better,
Maybe i could have saved you.

No one will understand,
My apologies are late now,
This poem matters no more.
It’s better i just end it here,
It’s better i commit suicide just like you did.
Hold on I am about to join you where ever you are.



Be with someone to the end.

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