Thanksgiving Dream, poetry by Andy Cooper at
Sonya Kamoz

Thanksgiving Dream

Thanksgiving Dream

written by: Andy Cooper



I shot upright,
rubbing my eyes
in a cold sweat.
I swiveled my gaze
across the room.
It’s me, and that’s all.
I released the suspended
tension in my chest.
I saw Jenna again.
She hiked a trail,
asking me which way to go.
I knew what I meant.
But what I said made no sense.
Last night, I saw her at the beach.
I told her we could figure it out together.
Jenna smiled and opened her mouth
to form a response
and I fucking woke up!
Can you believe that shit?
It’s like, Can I ever catch a break?
I know Jenna by her face,
name, and alluring gaze.
Other than that, I don’t know this chick.
But everywhere I dreamed,
Jenna explained her presence.
It was November.
Thanksgiving approached,
and I needed a turkey to burn
in an oven used once a year.
I waited in line to purchase a turkey,
instant mashed potatoes,
and a bottle of wine to drown in my misery.
A warmth that I couldn’t bear
to touch examined me.
My heartbeat quickened.
I shifted my gaze
to see the woman in my dreams
in the flesh.
She told me her name was Jenna.
And she said my name.
We saw each other in our dreams
to connect on Thanksgiving.
I have much to be thankful for this year.

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