The Colour of Distance, poetry by Mike Henry at
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The Colour of Distance

The Colour of Distance

written by: Mike Henry


The sound of silence, the scent of fear,
That special feeling when you’re near.
But when you’re not,
When I can’t see your face
Nor embrace you in a dance
What, then, is the colour of distance?

What shade, what tint, what starry hue?
What space is this twixt me and you?
Choose from rainbows bright
Or storm clouds on the hill
Is it yellow, red or blue
That colours distances from you?

In dreams your face floats far away
As in a misty mountain stream
And I reach out to touch your cheek
To feel the softness of your skin
But mountain mist and pale moonlight
Conspire to keep us far apart.

And resting on my lonely bed
Or lying ‘neath a spreading tree
I think of where you might well be
And picture then your longing glance
That travels through time and space to me
And through the colour of distance

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