The Invincible Comatose, a poem by Paul Oranye Chukwunedum at

The Invincible Comatose

The Invincible Comatose

written by: Paul Oranye Chukwunedum



My name is Sleep;
Everybody knows me,
But no one knows me really.

I have many friends;
In fact, everybody claims to be my friend,
But no one is really my friend.

Everybody wants me.
They hold onto me.
Some hold onto me for too long,
Even when their bodies are already strong.
They still cling onto me,
Even when their nerves need locomotion.
They hold onto me,
When their hearts need to beat faster.
They hold onto me still.

Some greedy ones go with me to my house,
Until they meet my brother, Bound.
Well, some can’t help it because of ailments and the troubles of life.

I am lonely, except for my brother,
Who is heavier.
They call him death,
But I don’t call him that.
He is feared, but he has no real threat.
But people cringe at the mention of that name.
I don’t even know why!

They fail to see that I am more powerful.
They fail to realize that I can keep them here for long years;
I can make them incapable of awakening.
They call it coma, yes, I can give them a coma!
But my brother, whom they fear,
Could only carry them from here
To a different world,
So you see: I am more powerful.

Like I said earlier, my name is Sleep.
Everybody knows me,
But no one knows me, really.

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