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The Last Christmas Card

The Last Christmas Card

written by: Phyllis P. Colucci



…Julie explained to Dom that she had recently met a teacher at school who was not only her co-worker, but an interesting acquaintance. Her name was Cordelia Heavens. Cordelia was as whimsical as her name, and Julie became attached to her in a warm way. Cordelia had a charm about her that was irresistible. It seemed people easily gravitated toward her and thoroughly enjoyed her company. Julie told Dom she was one of those people, and she and Cordelia now shared a special bond and friendship. She said Cordelia was a brilliant teacher, a friendly and helpful person to be around, and was well-liked by students and staff. She further explained to Dom that although he had not had the opportunity to meet her in person yet, she and Julie shared many lunches together in the Teachers’ Lounge, and accompanied each other to weekly Teachers’ Conferences at the school. She said Cordelia came from England and had a strong English accent which Julie absolutely adored, and she couldn’t wait for Dom to meet her. Dom expressed that he was so happy to hear that Julie found a friend and teaching colleague at school she got along well with, since she recently transferred from Grove Elementary, but was confused as to how this was related to their discussion about Rosa and the “then what” plan.

Julie further explained that Cordelia had a special interest and a special skill outside of school. She dabbled a bit in casting spells, but only to do good. It was more of a hobby. She did it for herself, good friends and family… Dom’s eyes almost popped out of his head. He asked, “Is our ‘then what’ plan to cast a spell on Rosa to change her behavior or permanently get rid of her, Julie?” Julie stared deeply into Dom’s eyes, and replied, “I was thinking about it. It’s worth a try Dom, because Rosa needs to be stopped. A normal approach just will not work with her, so going this route is an option. I have not discussed this with Cordelia yet, but I would like to, with or without your consent. I hope, however, you see this my way and support me on this. I am doing it for both of us. Believe me, I have been giving it a lot of thought.”

Dom had a confused look on his face. It seemed as if he was stuck somewhere between “this is crazy” and “okay, let’s try it”. As he remained silent, Julie studied his face for answers. She said, “Will you please say something, Dom. We have to think outside the box here. Rosa is not who we both thought she was. Her obsession with you and hatred for me is dangerous. Say something, please!”

Dom still remained silent for a few more very long minutes, then told Julie he was not on board with this at all. He said he wasn’t into casting spells on people and never entertained the idea in his entire life. He stressed it could be dangerous, or it could be nothing at all. Dom then said he could be totally wrong in his thinking on it, the same way he was totally wrong about whom the real Rosa was; but he was not comfortable with this idea.

Julie begged Dom to try to go along with this. She said they had no other options at this point and made it very clear that she was going to move forward on it. She said, “Please Dom. I need your support on this. I can’t do this without it. I need to know you are okay with it and that we are in this together. Even if you’re not okay with it, please say you are. Just say it for me.”

Dom could not say no to Julie. He loved her that much, and she looked so disappointed. He could not bear to let her down. He said, “Okay Julie, I’m okay with you seeking help from Cordelia. You feel better now? We are in this together and we need to support one another. Let’s try it.” Julie was ecstatic. Dom had one concern, however. He asked if this “spell-casting magic” of Cordelia’s does not work on Rosa, what next? Julie responded, “Let’s leave it up to Cordelia. I will stay on top of the entire process as I work closely with her. I never did anything like this in my entire life, either; but it’s worth a shot. Let me speak with my friend to see how this ‘mojo’ works. You, Dom, my love, can just go about your business like none of this is going on. When I need to involve you, I will.” Dom shook his head as if to say “what are we getting ourselves into”; but he had no plan and Julie had the “then what” plan, which was better than nothing.

So now that this was settled, they headed to bed hand in hand. They both looked forward to a Monday morning meeting with Mr. Wellings in order to clear Dom’s name; and a clandestine session between Julie and Cordelia, in order to enlist Cordelia’s special services for a covert operation of voodoo and mysticism that will, hopefully, stop the devilish Rosa in her tracks. They were both optimistic that Mr. Wellings would be willing to sweep the accusation against Dom under the rug, as if it never existed, because of the evidence they will present to him. Dom, on the other hand, was not too optimistic about Cordelia and her “special” powers. However, Julie assured him that she had every confidence in Cordelia, and he trusted her judgment so far. She kissed Dom on the lips and whispered, “All will be fine. I promise.” Dom kissed her back and whispered, “Somehow I believe that. I can’t wait to meet the charismatic Cordelia.” Julie giggled and told Dom not to worry, and to leave everything up to her and Cordelia. He half-heartedly agreed with a smile, as they fell asleep in each other’s arms.



This is an excerpt from my novel “The Last Christmas Card.”

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