The Light of Survival, poetry by Angela Kosta at

The Light of Survival

The Light of Survival

written by: Angela Kosta


The Light of Hope shines on the beloved
land furrowed by wounded edges where
the poverty lives naked.
There are undressed ladies with wide-open eyes
on the sidewalks full of corpses
with anxiety fed inside the garbage
with rotting food like stale bread crumbs as if they are for stray dogs.

But the Light of Hope triumphs, it travels around the world on the paths where poor and sick people pass. It passes there like a torchlight procession to tell the beloved Earth to stop suffering. It feeds the poor in abundance with the light of hope.

The oceanic light emerges and fills the cracks in the souls of the sick, wherever they are.
By embracing the light, everyone recovers from the evils of the century:
Diseases and Poverty!

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