The Silent Sighs..! by Monika Ajay Kaul at

The Silent Sighs..!

The Silent Sighs..!

written by: Monika Ajay Kaul



A silent sigh!
Of ‘Desire and Distaste’..
cascades through the air,
with every season flair..!!

A silent sigh!
of ‘Dismay and Cheer’.
Decorates the path,
with every stride we steer..!!

A silent sigh!
Of ‘Comfort and Frets’..
Leaping through the heart,
when a loved one has to depart..!!

A silent sigh!
Of ‘Pleasure and Pain’..
Fluttering deep within you,
When goodbyes prompt a cue..!!

A silent sigh!
Of ‘Elation and Doubts’.
Strolling through the path,
as the age moves like a dart..!!

“A Silent Sigh”.. discloses it all!!


We may wrap our feelings in a Veil of Thoughts.. But they know the way to burst out..!!

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