Certainties written by Evelyn at Spillwords.com



written by: Evelyn



threw some pebbles out to sea
wind and waves, salt and tides
deliver to where these eyes can’t see
horizon finds no place to hide
dear waves, bring answers back to me

there is tonight, there is tomorrow
time to steal, time to borrow
secrets never sink too deep
truth is bright; it cannot sleep
but promises, true heart doth keep

the shore has nothing but the wait
sands have similar but not the same
but none’s too early, none’s too late
long or short, if it never came
the distant skies have heard their name

so let me speak, for one more day
I ride the wind, I float along
I glide among the sunlight rays
right or wrong, I’ve sung my song
one thing’s certain: life does go on

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