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The St. Patrick’s Day Party

The St. Patrick’s Day Party

written by: roger turner



Gilhooley had ordered a meeting
Everyone had to come round
St. Patrick’s Day will be upon us
And a venue just has to be found

We have to find somewhere authentic
Our normal old pub just won’t do
We can’t celebrate with the punters
Where the beer isn’t green, it’s dyed blue

Gilhooley awaited suggestions
It had to be somewhere close by
There were all sorts of names on the table
So they decided to give them a try

It needed to be “somewhat old Irish”
with no dee jay, and a folky type band
they had to have red headed women
And a barman, with drinks poured and at hand

The first place they went was McKenna’s
It seemed like a great place at first
but the service was slower than treacle
and a man would just die here of thirst

They found one that looked rather Irish
It was known as the new pot of gold
it had a rainbow outside on the awning
this should have been a warning fortold

the next one they tried was a classic
The green and gold tavern….a hit
but, it was booked on the day for a party
and this didn’t please them one bit

they finally found one to their liking
full of guinness and pretty colleens
a punjabi bar by the name of Ben Doury’s
where everything was curried and green

it was a party that no one remembered
that meant that it must have been good
nobody went to the jailhouse
even though three or four of them should

The beer and the curry were epic
the singing was like nothing we’d heard
a sitar and cymbal based trio
played so loud that nothing was heard

Gilhooley said next year we have to
come back here and do it again
It was the best St. Patty’s ever
most of them passed out by ten

The next time you go out to party
call Ben Doury, the place is spot on
the food and the beer are one colour
with a Punjabi Mumbai Leprachaun

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