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The Summer of 86

The Summer of 86

written by: Navdeep Bharti


the summer of 86
i remember we skipped school
took our bicycles
paddling fast away from society
drifting and giggling against the wind
we raced each other
you in that pink laced bike
me on my black tiger

off we rode to the park
jumped, throwing our bikes
holding hands, off we ran to the tree
the tree of gulmohar with red flowers
waiting for to roof us
we threw ourselves to ground
our backs facing each other

huffing, puffing, giggling
suddenly glanced each other
the world stopped
all I could see was YOU and you, ME
the only sound was of our heartbeats
as the most beautiful musical note ever heard

turned towards each other
slowly I slide my arm around your waist
you cuddling me in your left arm
as I move my face close to your neck
you rest your soft cheek on my head
you cusp my right hand with yours
i cusp your left hand with mine
holding each other

we sat there for ages
smooth breeze kissing us
sparrows chirping
just looking at each other’s hands
teasing with feet, without any word
we sat there for a life time

then that beautiful red gulmohar flower
came into your lap
you turned and kissed my forehead
i turned and kissed your left cheek
we gave a hug to realize
we were one
caged in two bodies

and then the gardener came, yelling
holding hands we ran towards our bikes
off we biked, giggling
from one continent
you went to other
i came to another

thirty years later
i remember the summer of 86
when we rode to the park
when the world stopped
holding each other
we sat there for a lifetime
we were one
then off we biked

today I saw you
after thirty years
still looking and waiting
without any words
while you shy
hiding your face, giggling

i still love you
love you more
more than when we were sixteen
in the summer of 86

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