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The Truth

The Truth

written by: Liam Ward (The Judge)



He visited me
How could this be
My life was good
Than he showed me
What could or should
Now I know the truth
I would not see
I thought I had it all
My life so pivotal so small
It was more than one
How my life is done
To be merry and to give to many
I used to be fickle, wouldn’t spend a penny
Please forever now leave me be
I understand I get the message
I’m changed I promise you’ll see
Not to be greedy or a slouch
I’m not that man I’m not a grouch

Who AM I?


I AM Scrooge
Liam Ward (The Judge)

Liam Ward (The Judge)

My Name is Liam Ward I am known by my friends as "The Judge". I am currently writing a book about dating lifestyles and relationships. I am a matchmaker but I also teach gentleman how to social with woman. I initially got into showing how to open into groups of people with riddles and quizzes from questions from the internet or stuff I came up with a while ago. I'm a big survivalists and zombie enthusiasts. I recently just realized my true potential of unlocking my brain to not just writing a book but enveloping my own riddles made with a twist. After I started one I could not stop and the words just kept flowing through my brain.
Liam Ward (The Judge)

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