The Writer, poetry written by Luiz Syphre at
Caravaggio (Saint Jerome Writing)

The Writer

The Writer

written by: Luiz Syphre



I swing with my mind
but not with a blade
for it’s death close behind
if I swing and evade

I swing with my brain
to refrain from the pain
left in domain
from striking a slain

I punch with a thought
conclude what I’ve fought
swing without wits
and my head splits

I punch as I think
fast as eyes blink
hit with my fist
I bow to resist

I aim with my pen
to fight and defend
as I cannot offend
to cock the gun’s end

what I murder and birth
is in the pages I pen
to heal the burns
and bear what mends

if I need more
then bury me, friends!

for what I’ve penned
is about my blissful ascend
and murderous descend

all I will ever need
until the light and I blend

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