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To Be Numb

To Be Numb

written by: AngelFace44



No one knows.
Not really.
Of what it is that I endure.

The daily struggle,
mask firmly in place.
No one knows by seeing my face.

There is much to hide
but not much to tell.
The story I’ve woven, for it they fell.

Questionable decisions
unintentionally made.
Confidence wounded, for help I bade.

Not all is known.
Not everything.
Of some things we will not be speaking.

So, how can help be given,
when only half the facts are known?
Some burdens’ crushing weight must remain my own.

Always there, never gone;
the anger, the hurt, the loss.
Overwhelming sadness, showing me who’s boss.

No longer in the shadows,
Darkness clings to me;
distorting my thoughts and psyche.

Sobriety escapes me
for I seek only to be numb.
This never-ending pain is a constant hum.

The Dark, the Doubt, the Depression…
my mind is not my own these days.
To seek oblivion is just one of my coping ways.

Wrong or right.
Right or wrong.
I’ve chosen to wallow the whole day long.

The bad choices, knowingly made,
are repeated again and again.
Sadly, to this, I see no end.

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