Travel (Direction Sign) by Nidhi Gupta at

Travel (Direction Sign)

Travel (Direction Sign)

written by: Nidhi Gupta



Light path going to heaven
cinnamon sprinkled around

Pathway straight, no overtake
Walk up side down
luminous gold desert.

Compass needle spinning
pointing North, South
East Or West.

Hold on a little, by strong instinct, trust
guides to where I belong
in sea of numerous forethoughts
Listen to the murmur from distant
Low down heavy breathing

Walk towards East and
you travel half hour West
Don’t lose, you turn clockwise
I turn anticlockwise
Travel towards North
in same direction
for sharing the same.

Castle of dreams ahead where
I sit with my inner living soul
reside with you in my imagination
in dreamland in peace under star-studded sky
that need to be destined.

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