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Punish Me For Disobedience

Punish Me For Disobedience

written by: Peter Owen



Punish me for disobedience
I was a very bad girl
I didn’t obey my master
He is dissatisfied now
Punish me for disobedience

Tie my hands behind the back
Bandage my eyes and lay me down on bed

Your tongue is a fire
It burns out my skin with passion
Your hands
Tender and strong
Touch me where nobody’s allowed

I want to kiss
But I can’t
You don’t let me do it
I want to hug
But I can’t
My hands are tied
The punishment goes on

Punish me for disobedience
Don’t go away
Don’t leave me alone
Punish me, please
Punish me for disobedience

Here is the worst punishment
Being left without the punishment

Peter Owen

Peter Owen

Peter Owen is a 23-y.o. beginning writer from Russia. He graduated the Foreign Language School of the Omsk State Teacher Training University in 2015. Nowadays he works as GI on a contract in Russian Military Forces. By the end of the contract he is going to continue his education and get the Magister Degree in journalism.
Peter Owen

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