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Night City Crawlers

written by: Peter Owen



we do not accept the daylight
we are bored to death in the stuffy concrete boxes in the daytime
listening to stupid moaning bosses
and gossiping reception-girls
we look forward for evening to break away
and dip into the ocean of the night
neon signs of clubs, sexshops and 24/7 supermarkets
became the new sun for us
we hop in to the red cadillac
and dart away from greyness of day
towards the colorness of night
we are night city crawlers

Peter Owen

Peter Owen

Peter Owen is a 23-y.o. beginning writer from Russia. He graduated the Foreign Language School of the Omsk State Teacher Training University in 2015. Nowadays he works as GI on a contract in Russian Military Forces. By the end of the contract he is going to continue his education and get the Magister Degree in journalism.
Peter Owen

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