Who will care? Who will cry? written by JOHN BAVERSTOCK at Spillwords.com

Who Will Care? Who Will Cry?

Who will care? Who will cry?



Troubled thoughts,
Sleepless nights,
Too many wrongs,
Not enough rights,
Faceless things,
Visions appear,
Sometimes distant,
Sometimes near,

Words spoken,
Get twisted in your head,
Voices from the living,
Voices from the dead,
Demons, will visit you,
They laugh out loud,
Disappear again,
Into the growing crowd,

They are now chanting,
Beating a drum,
Begging, and pleading
Willing you to come
Even though it’s not your time,
Close your eyes,
You will be just fine,

Who will care?
Who will cry?
Will they even wonder why?
Only you can decide,
Whether to listen to the voice!
Loved ones left behind
Will never be given,
That choice.



I wrote this the day after Robin Williams committed suicide, depression is a serious illness, and sometimes people cannot open up to others.

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