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You And I

written by: Ashutosh


You and I
In this beautiful world
Studying science
In this beautiful world
I can help with your Calculus
You can help with my Organic
And together we savagely fight
With different sections of conic
Puzzled with optics, magnetic and electrostatics
We can clash with mechanics, heat and thermodynamics
And learn chemical bonding, and
memorize atomic structure
Till we are left with nothing but our minds punctured
For dopamine effect, and adrenaline rush to save our sanity
We can crash ourselves into life saving Physical Chemistry
And we can integrate our time together up to infinity
Together we face, fight and overcome every adversity
(We face, fight and solve problems of probability)
And you can hum a melody
And sing it back to me
And I could write a rhyme
And so we pass the time
Wandering in the moonlight
Till we see the sunlight
You and I
In this beautiful world



Physics Nerd with interest in writing.

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