A Boy Needs A Father, a poem by Edgar Guest at Spillwords.com
Kelli McClintock

A Boy Needs a Father

A Boy Needs A Father

a poem by: Edgar Guest


A boy needs a father for advice and for instruction,
A sort of helper and an all-round guide,
One whom he knows is in his corner always,
Ready to share in everything beside.

A boy needs a father for a great many reasons,
And when he doesn’t have him he is lost;
For want of someone to direct his footsteps
He pays too dear a price for being bossed.

He stumbles through the years and makes mistakes in judgment,
And profits not at all by what he’s done;
He does not know the joys that come from wisdom’s teachings,
And misses happiness in a race he’s run.

A boy needs a father whom he never can remember,
One who will guide and counsel and be right,
One who will stand beside him in the years when he’s a youngster,
And be his comrade and his greatest light.

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