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A Diamond’s Shine

A Diamond’s Shine

written by: Greg Wooley


The shiniest of diamonds come from the blackest of coal
The wisest of wisdom comes from the most damaged soul

So many times things are not just as they look
We can’t judge the soup before it’s had time to cook

Embracing your pains, your misery and your brokenness
The transformation of your story is your chance to bless

Going through hell doesn’t mean that you’re there to stay
May every hurt be turned into compassion for another on this very day

It takes time and severe pressure for a diamond to transform
I pray you washed and made new at the end of the storm

Something so hard yet so precious is transformed from the blackest of coal
There are diamonds waiting to be uncovered from every hurt in the depth of your soul

Greg Wooley

Greg Wooley

I, the husband of one and the grateful father of five.
The sharing inspirational poems makes me come alive.
I am a long time central Floridian who has overcome alcoholism and drug addiction through the twelve steps and a growing relationship with God. I love writing rhymes and poems about brokenness and restoration. My God inspired little pieces of hope to hurting world.
Greg Wooley

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