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Obliterated Life

Obliterated Life

written by: Khalid Belkhalfi


She’s only ten and walking
barefoot along the street
Begs people for a shelter
and for something to eat
People passing by
aren’t paying attention to her cry
She thinks she’s invisible now
but she does not know why ..

She had once a home, a father,
a mother and a brother
She’s lost everything to war
and she had to go farther
She’s an alien in a new world
and her life is cruel
Her clothes look so dirty
people think she’s a fool ..

Day and night, she chants a very sad song
to try to remember
All that she has cherished
and every family member
She had a lot of nice clothes to wear,
she had friends
War has stolen her smile now
but that’s how her story ends ..

Are there any kind hearts out there
that really care
Children of the worlds are suffering,
it is not fair
Can we stop the machines of war
cause they destroy
All of our future
our loved ones and our joy ..


Dedicated to all children of war

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