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written by: Thomas Park



Disjointed 1 – “City Blocks”


Delmar Divide

Radical income discrepancy

Time partition, bandwidth

Empty or full, block by block

Sitcoms or spreadsheets

Building by building

Supply sedation, entertainment

Complicit to veiled agenda

Broken reflection, modern person

Haunting soundbytes, profiles, series

Accept the situation, find

Lucrative opportunity


Get with the program

Take the offered hand, find peace

Or live on in pain and need


Disjointed 2 – “Underwater”


Underwater houses

Mutilation wave

Surf murder

Subsiding waters peaceful

An entire kingdom lives

Under the sea

With ecosystems

Hotels of coral

Plastic dumps

Garbage LaGrange points

Gentle giants, whales

Pass through the salty depths

Avoiding the land

Or larger ships

Civilian, military

Bearing commerce, toxic oil

Subsurface pipelines

Sonic booms

Survey the change in tides

The change in sea


Disjointed 3 – “Superman”


Desired connection

Digits, mobile device

Broken eye contact

Notify with sound or vibration

Split persona, public, private

Network doppelganger

Send my digital ghost

To haunt your house

To save your life, protect

Your young, There is

A ringing tone, a flash

Of light, it’s just your


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