A Halloween Story, a poem by Laura Hughes at Spillwords.com
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A Halloween Story

A Halloween Story

written by: Laura Hughes



What will my future hold?
Does it even have to be told
by some gypsy fortune teller
down in a dark, creepy cellar?
That is the problem with the sight.
Sometimes it doesn’t come out right.

What if what they tell me is wrong?
And it doesn’t really belong
to me or anyone I know.
That would be a depressing blow.
I guess it’s a risk I will take,
and just go there for goodness sake.

I drove up slowly in my car.
I didn’t have to walk real far.
She was waiting there on her porch.
Her face barely lit by the torch.
She asked me to please come on in.
Then I followed her to the den.

The room was full of old antiques
that seemed to make it quite unique.
Centered was a table and chairs,
and then I saw a flight of stairs.
The table had a crystal ball.
Once seen, I then glanced down the hall.

The seer asked me to have a seat.
After sitting, I tapped my feet.
I tend to do that when I’m nervous.
I felt like it was a church service.
She asked me to give her my hand.
Then I noticed that hers were tanned.

She studied my hand very close.
Then she sniffed and became morose.
She said you don’t have a life line,
and that sent shivers up my spine.
I said that I don’t understand,
and that’s when she leaned and grasped my hand.

She said I don’t have long to live,
and get my things ready to give
to anyone who wanted them,
so it could help their grief to stem.
Anger and sadness warred within me.
She said there were good things to see.

In this life, nothing is for free.
You have to know it’s meant to be.
I asked how do you know for certain?
She got up and closed the curtains.
Then she sat back down in the chair.
Her face hidden behind her hair.

Because it was so dark and dreary,
the seer began to look eerie.
Next thing I know she flipped a switch,
and she was looking like a witch.
Just laughing above her cauldron,
but it’s the crystal ball turned on.

The glow seemed to be very bright.
Probably because there was no light.
She spoke words I don’t understand.
Suddenly she grabbed my right hand.
She gazed into the orb’s warm glow.
Then asked what did I need to know?

I asked what will my future bring?
Will it be an engagement ring?
Given by my one and only,
so I will never be lonely?
Will he be just like Prince Charming?
So handsome that it’s disarming?

Will I ever get filthy rich?
So much that I become a bitch?
Will all my dreams ever come true?
So there’s nothing else to accrue?
Most importantly will I live,
and share this love I have to give?

She seemed to hesitate at first.
I got so anxious I could burst.
I really wanted to shout, scream.
Was this just some horrible dream?
She then sighed and just shook her head.
She said, “I’m sorry, but you’re already dead…”

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