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A Rosy Sanctuary

written by: Fotoula Reynolds


She cries her own spring posies
And like a dead passion that has
Gone to seed, she will tread
Softly among melancholy fields

Her modern spirit rises to align
Bright stars in the direction of a
Dream yet to be dreamt and in
The still midnight the raven-haired
Beauty in the pale-blue doorway
Entices her once more

An incense sweet as pine and
Eucalypt in a rosy sanctuary
Invites a warm love in to the
Wide quietness of a paradise

But sometimes
Sleep’s shadowy thoughts
May never let the breeder
Of flowers
Breed the same again

Fotoula Reynolds

Fotoula Reynolds

Fotoula Reynolds is an author of poetry. She lives in the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria, Australia with her family. Living in the hills lends itself to the topics of nature where she draws inspiration from the surrounding spaces. She began writing poetry in 2016 and has published her first book of poems titled: The sanctuary of my garden (2018). Her work has been published internationally in e-zines/journals/reviews/anthologies.
Fotoula Reynolds

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