The Taste of Love, a poem written by Bilquis Fatima at
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A Taste of Love

A Taste of Love

written by: Bilquis Fatima


All I want is a taste of your love
That remains,
After you have shared it with your beloved,
Your dear ones, your near ones
My heart would quench even with an iota of it
In that furtive glance of yours
In that fleeting smile, you would pass
In the animated nod of your head
In the bracing touch of your coat
As you fling it across your arms
In that hesitant halt as you pass by
Acknowledging what is in me, is in you too.

I would steal some love of yours
And blow it into a huge bubble
As my fortress, in the darkness of the night.
They say love is divine.
It enriches and blesses
Bestowing a feeling of ecstasy of a celebrated togetherness,
It is the calmness of an understanding mind
A sense of belonging
A sense of being loved.

So let me see what it has to offer me in broad daylight,
As I wait with stretched hands,
To wipe away the emptiness, the wilderness
That like termite eats up my existence
Can this love take away the alien feeling that has seeped in.
Would it infuse a sense of belonging that it has stolen
For you have hidden me from the world
Like the sun hides away the darkness
Or the way a priest hides his sin
Or a student hiding the chits in an examination hall,
Loving me only in the dark corners of your mind.
As if love was the biggest sin a man can commit
For a folly of loving one, not of the same genre.
Or was it just a coincidence of us meeting under the stars
getting swept into each other by a tumultuous, ambiguous whirlwind
the effect of it encompassed us since, stealing away our peace.
Though you never bring it on your lips.
Was it love or a fatal, fleeting, attraction
A momentary need of your wanton heart,
which should remain unaddressed, untitled, and unexposed.

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